MeganMy Name is Megan McDougall.

My love of rocks has been a part of my life since I could remember.  My pockets were always full of stones; they were my treasures everywhere that I went.  Much to my parents horror I collected rocks anywhere, anytime.

Pilbara jade was the first stone I sculptured. I joined a lapidary club in Perth, Western Australia and learned all about Western Australian stones and gems. I travelled to many locations including the Pilbara region, the northern Gascoyne region, the Midwest Region and the gold fields discovering the many amazing stones and gems of my home state.

I have been sculpturing stone for 10 years and now create wearable works of art for our customers.

My Earthly Treasures sources fossils, meteorites and semi-precious stone from many reliable professional collectors, mineralogists and lapidary stone suppliers.

We have an extensive range of gemstones, semi-precious stone, mineral specimens, crystals, fossils and meteorites from around the world.

Our professional team brings you the best service with our outstanding knowledge for you, the customer.