Mooka is the aboriginal word for running water.

Mookaite jasper comes from Mooka Creek, which is located on the western side of the Kennedy Ranges (180km east of Carnarvon) and fed by a number of fresh water springs.  Mookaite has been mined since the 1960’s.

65 different species of microfossil radiolarian left behind opaline silica from their skeletal remains. Billions of these were deposited as sediment in the ancient sea-beds of a shallow inland sea 260 million years ago. When the seas retreated, these sediments were cemented into solid rock by the silica skeletons. The cryptocrystalline silica, with radiolarian microfaunal structures, are coloured by varying concentrations of hematite and goethite granules to create jasper, chert and porcellanites

Brecciated Mookaite has clear translucent opal and opalite between the fragments.

Metaphysically: This stone creates deep calm to allow new experiences. It encourages versatility and directs you towards the correct possibilities. Mookaite is physically stabilizing and strengthening especially to the immune system.

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