Western Australian Stones

Western Australia has a wide range of gemstones, decorative stone and ornamental stone found in the spectacular Kimberly region, the iron rich Pilbara, the wild outback Midwest and of course the Goldfields.

The history of mining semi-precious, precious and dimension stones is only 200 years old. With so little history of gemstone use in Australia they are some of the newest geological finds.

Stones however have been used and utilized as tools and pigment by the indigenous Australians for 65000 years. The Aboriginal people of Western Australia left large stones at water holes which had been used to grind seeds and plants for food. Sharp chert flint and common opal was used for slicing and chopping and for scraping out bowls in wood. The aborigines never took more than they needed and rarely used stone as jewellery although the men of medicine and law would use some stones for sacred ceremonies.